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From time to time we come across grief-related resources that we are in no way affiliated with but think are interesting and could be potentially helpful to others. This week we received a professional magazine that featured an article about a nonprofit organization that helps individuals "cope with grief in a transformative way." Spark of Life (SOL) was started by Dave Matthews, a pastor, who suffered the loss of his grandson, witnessed his own son's deep grief over the loss, and experienced all the ensuing heartbreak. 


SOL claims to be different than the average existing grief support; their philosophy is that "grief is not something to be 'fixed' or 'cured' but rather a natural process that can be transformed into a source of personal growth and resilience."


This organization "offers carefully planned and supervised trips as well as both online and in-person courses and counseling."


Among other things, SOL features videos, blog articles, a podcast, and paid resources such as the aforementioned retreat, courses, and counseling. SOL's store also offers a book (authored by Dave) with a interesting title: Why Do You Hurt Me, God? Discovering God and Life in the Midst of Pain.

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