Soup-er Recipe for Cold Weather

The cold weather season is upon us, and whether you are trying to stay warm, get well, or just find comfort in a nourishing bowl of hot soup, this hot & sour soup recipe is sure to deliver on all counts! Here are some tips to make it easier:


*Use any dried mushrooms from your grocery. Costco often carries a jumbo container of mixed dried mushrooms, including wood ear.

*Skip the first step of soaking the mushrooms in 2C of water. They'll soften as they cook in the soup, so this step is unnecessary. But do still add those 2C of water to the pot or your soup will be too salty. 

*If you want to, you can pulse your dry mushrooms in your food processor until they are powder and dump them into the soup from the start.

*Use any broth you like.

*If you didn't pulse your dried mushrooms, you don't have to cut them after soaking unless you just want to.

*You can skip the arrowroot powder. It doesn't need it.

*While this is a vegan recipe, you can still add meat if you want to. The Chinese restaurants often put BBQ pork and egg in their hot and sour soup. You might want chicken or ground beef. Do what pleases you!



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