Recipe for Coping

Today we read an article about the popularity of Rosie Grant, the TikToker/Instagrammer whose brief, lighthearted and sometimes poignant video posts about recipes found on gravestones (etc.) made her an internet sensation virtually overnight. It started as a school project and blossomed into the fascinating contribution that it is today. Rosie knows she, like the rest of us, is going to die one day; it's a fact that, in the beginning, she was extremely uncomfortable with. But her journey through experiencing others' gravestones has had the interesting effect of helping her to come to terms with death in general. 


This got us thinking about the human phenomenon of making light of subjects that are serious and deeply wounding. What's appropriate and not appropriate, and why do many people tend to engage in this behavior? In an encouraging and easy-to-read article by Dr. Darcie Dixon, a behavioral scientist, she shares that there are rules to this type of treatment of somber subject matter and explains that, used correctly, it can actually be a healthy, positive coping mechanism that has the potential to help people emotionally and even physically.


How do you feel about Rosie's videos and this concept in general?



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